Sunday, November 13, 2011

So I have not updated this thing in FOREVER!...I know. I have been thinking the past couple of days about what I could write about and I still have nothing, but don't fret I am going to write anyways. Life has been kind of slow here with not much exciting happening. But this weekend I am traveling to Rwanda with a good friend of mine, Abbey. He has family there and has not seen them for some time and I need to escape Uganda in order to be able to stay. So we are a perfect traveling pair. We will be staying with his family and friends and living the local life. I am excited about this.
I have been sick a lot recently. Two days of some stomach virus/food illness followed by a week of a bad cold with some other things mixed in there. I still have a small throat tickle cough, but it is so much better than it was and I can actually get some sleep at nights.
Life at home is good. Everyone is always busy and nobody is ever really around except to sleep. The past couple weeks some of them have been taking a day to hang out with me which has been nice. I love these guys so much, though they make me mad at times. But, hey! that's what brothers do. Last week Ronnie's younger brother came to stay for the week while he was on holiday. He's like 12 years old, great kid. We enjoyed hanging out, watching movies, cooking for each other, eating hamburgers and chips. I loved when I left for some time and came back and he came out of the house with a big smile to greet me and welcome me home. I now have internet on my phone thanks to him (that means fb too!!)  and some more movies downloaded onto ronnie's laptop that I can take to my room and watch. What a genius!!
Bula I guess is good. I sent them an sms today saying that I was coming and they responded that today was not a good day. WEIRD!! But that gave me some time to catch up on some other things. I will head over there some evening this week They have been struggling to collect enough money to feed the children which makes me worry since all of the children will soon be on holiday. Please pray that funds do come through for them. However last week when I was over someone had donated meat...i mean MEAT. There was meat of all kinds being prepared all day and everyone wanted me to try theirs. It was good, but that was enough meat for me for some time.
This past week I have had some good times and great conversations with the children in the community where I stay. I love that they all come running every time that they see me come and go and that they enjoy coming into the compound and playing with me.
I have not spent much time in Kisenyi recently. I hope to be able to get back there this week. The friends that do the children's program on Saturdays has been struggling to raise the funds to pay of the debt to the playground where they have their weekly meetings.
In other news, the mouse that has been tormenting me in my room for the past week is longer there as of this afternoon!! This stupid (very) little guy was good at hiding. I mean my bedroom has a bed and my three suitcases. Not a lot of places to hide. But he managed. Last night was it for me. I got so tired of the guys saying 'tomorrow, tomorrow'. So I had Ben come back to my room with me and try to murder the thing before bed...with no luck. We even carried suitcases outside and emptied them (this was around midnight). Nothing!! Until I lay down and then he scurries all around and up the headboard. So today I was getting lunch out of the food suitcase when guess who popped his head out. I shut it quick and yelled for Collins, a friend of the guys who was over at the time, and he admitted that he was scared of mice himself. haha! I closed that suitcase and took it outside and poked around until that booger finally POPPED out. I screamed, Collins laughed and what a glorious celebration it was.

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