Monday, August 15, 2011

Some people that I am thankful for...

1. Julia Adams: She has been by my side through everything. Willing to go to friend's viewings and spend a day making sure that a friend gets the lifesaving surgery that he needs. We are able to laugh and cry together. I can honestly say these 10 weeks have been life changing for me and she has played a major part in them. Thank you Julia.

2. My Parents and brothers: Who I know love me and worry about me, but are always there supporting me every step of the way.Phone calls at random times of the day saying call me back please and they always do or simple fb messages and chats that can brighten up my day. Love you!!

3.Pastor David Zijjan: The founder of the FDLM orphanage in Jinja that Bridge Connections is blessed to work with. He is always a phone call away willing to lend any assistance that we need. One day there were lots of Police and not a lot of people in Kampala city and we called David in Jinja to find out what was going on. He says,"You are in Kampala and I am in Jinja and you want me to tell you what is going on in Kampala?!" Haha! A few minutes later he had an answer for us. Phone calls saying I was thinking about you girls today so I called is just what we need some days. Thanks David for all the support and all the cultural understanding lessons that you give. I can't wait to come visit in the coming weeks!! Love you.

4. Nathan and Katie Kilgore: I know that you 2 are always praying. The advice and the experience that you have is priceless. Thank you for Bridge Connections and working with us on this journey. I don't know what I would do without you. (Well I probably wouldn't be in Uganda.) Thank you so much!

5. Megan Rohrer and Kelly McGaw: I don't even have words to describe how thankful I am for your friendship. When I look at the pics that I brought and share them I laugh cause it's hard to explain the bondage I feel with the McGaw family and that's why many of the pics I brought were of you. I love you and miss 'us' so much. Thank you for calling me to chat. (Kelly-I know God laid it on your heart to call me last night as I needed it the most. I am so glad that I have a friend like you who understands and cares. When I describe you I say that you are any man's dream girl, the best friend anyone can ask for. The person who would drop anything for anyone. I don't know anyone with as big as a heart as you.) And then (Megan: There is this beautiful card that you wrote me Valentine's Day that I keep in my Bible and read once a week (at least). It brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes as I realize how grateful I am to be able to call you my  friend. I miss Friday and Saturday evenings chilling at your house with you and your girls.) Thank you girls for the friendship over the years. I love you!!

6.J ames and Ronald (and the rest of the crew): James begged me on several occasions to allow him to take us out sometime. Unfortunately his schedule did not match ours. Finally on a Tuesday it did and these guys took us all over and we ended up at the beach for a great evening. They let us know that if we ever needed an escape that we could come to their place anytime. Little did they know the next day we called and we were moved in the following. They took time out of their schedule to come and pick us up and make sure that we were always comfortable here. It's great to have them around to chat to.

7. Joe and Sue McDonald, Judy Hinson, and Judy Kauffman: There is always an inbox in my email from these people. I am so lucky to have you all in my life. Thanks for your encouraging words and allowing me to continue living Willow Valley through you.

8. All of you praying for me: I can't do what I am doing without people like you. I know that you are out there and it keeps me going. I can honestly say that I know that God has been with me through this past week as I know that I could not have done it alone. A special thanks to Shari Steager and Daryl Rineer as your kind words were just what I needed to read when I did.

I believe today is a new week and things are looking up. To update those of you not on Facebook. My good friend Abbey fell Saturday at the funeral of our friend and ruptured his spleen. He stayed at a clinic, internally bleeding until last night. I was in touch with him on Sunday evening when he informed me of what was going on. Monday I spent the day taking him to get an ultrasound and talking to the doctors. That evening (only by the grace of God) he was admitted to the hospital and ended up having emergency surgery last night. As I stood by his bed holding his shaking hand all I could do was pray.  I got a call from the doctor that he made it through and will be going in soon to make certain all is well. I will update you in the coming days of the decisions that Julia and I have made about where and how we plan on serving and being served here in Uganda. For now pray for Abbey that he heals well. Pray for Ronald's family as they are missing him. And pray for the meeting that will happen between myself, julia, and the uncles at Bula.

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