Monday, February 13, 2012

I have been home for 2 weeks now. Lots of great times with friends and family. I am blessed to have these awesome people in my life. I have missed out on a lot of memories and milestones in their lives while I've been away. But my heart still longs to be in Uganda. I miss the kids and facebook chat is just not cutting it. I have also spent some money on phone cards and it would be easy to use them in one day. I receive SMSs from friends over there and they don't understand that I have to pay to send and receive. (They only pay to send.) So my mouth will probably drop when my brother tells me what my cell phone bill is next month, but I am glad that they remember me. The other day I called my brothers in Ntinda and I heard a lot of noise in the background. I asked where they were and they said that they were at home. I quickly perked up and was like, "Are my kids outside playing?!" James yelled out, "Mzungu Jo says hello." It was great to hear them yelling "Mzungu, mzungu!!" once again. They melt my heart.

So of course people keep asking me what I am doing here. Well, here's the story. I have narrowed it down to three options. #3 Find a job here.  #2 Find a job in Uganda  #3 A millionaire (or several people with a heart and a desire to give) step forward willing to support me for the long term so that I can do what I am passionate about in Uganda. So yea, that's where I am.

Please keep me in your prayers as I go through this transitional period.

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