Saturday, September 3, 2011

From Boring to Exciting

Yesterday started out as any other boring Saturday does.  At breakfast Julia was asking if I would go to Game (a walmart-ish store) with her as she has never been and wanted out of the house. I told her that I wanted to clean the room and get packed for Jinja first and then we would see what time it was. (Breakfast here is typically at 11-noon).  I went back to the room and started packing some clothes. I realized that there must have been more dirty clothes than I realized. So I grabbed a few dirty shirts and washed them in the bathroom. Since I was in the groove I washed some more and then some more. I took them outside to hang up on the line and after putting a few shirts up I realized it was breezier than I thought. So I called to Julia to pass me the clothespins that I had brought. (I had yet to use these so I was VERY excited about this). Now the wash lines are over the compost pile and there is high weeds all around. So it took me some time to maneuver around. Well about halfway through I felt something under me give way and before I knew it my feet were wet and then my calves.  I didn’t even think about what I had just fallen into- all that I knew is my flip flop was coming off and I wanted it and my legs to come out of the hole. Upon climbing out I immediately smelt the odor- sewer!! I began walking towards the house wondering how I was going to get by the two girls who were visiting and back to the bedroom to wash off and give Julia a good laugh. Then I realized that my right arm was kind of numb and I did not like bending it. I looked at my elbow and it looked different. I called out to Julia and then the pain started.  I quickly got into the tub and she splashed me with bottled water to get the nastiness off of me and then she helped me change my pants.  We called Ronnie to come with the car and within minutes we were off to the hospital.
                Every bump I felt this pain that was almost unbearable. Along the way Julia reaffirmed me that she had brought food  cause she didn’t know how long we would be at the hospital. I asked what she had and she states, “Swedish fish and biscuits (cookies)”. LOL! Upon arrival to the hospital Julia helped me fill out some basic paperwork and then I was taken to a bed where I was given “painkillers”. They had no water so good thing Julia had some in her bag. Julia was all concerned that I needed to eat something so that the painkiller on an empty stomach would not make me sick. I reassured her that I was still full from breakfast.
                Within minutes I was sent to get xrays. I waited for little time when my doctor came and gave me some paperwork and the bill and said I had to go pay for the xrays before I had them done.  We explained to the men at the desk that I had insurance and they said I had to pay in cash and then my insurance company would reimburse me. Good thing I went to the back just a day or two before! I got the xrays and then back to my bed with the results I was sent. The nurse came and rubbed bengay on my arm and put me in a splint (think guaze). I was informed that it was a sprain and to keep something cold on it to reduce the swelling –(This is Uganda-I don ‘t think ice packs exist!) I have to return Tuesday morning to see a specialist. We were handed the bill and sent to the pharmacy to pick up some meds. Upon reading the bill it was determined that the “painkillers” given to me upon arrival was ibuprofen. LOL!
                We left jumped on some bodas and were off to a really good Ethiopian restaurant that we found a month before (Thanks Melissa for the suggestion). We had goat and then we ordered a cheap garden salad ($1.25) just cause I have had a salad craving since I got to this country. It was huge and amazing!! It had rained during our meal and so we waited to get some bodas home. We fought for a fair price, but never got it. Good thing- cause it started raining again. We stood around and then went into a cheap supermarket to look for a cheap plastic bag to put the xrays in so they would not get wet. Inside we found so many deals. Pasta cheaper than we get at our local supermarket, alfredo sauce (about to expire) cheap, peanut butter and then we found the dvds and there was LOST!! We purchased season 1 for a mere $1.50 and if it works well. Season 6 and Part 1 and 2 of the final season are awaiting my return.
                As I type this my elbow feels so much better. I don’t really know what pain meds they have me on. But I can feel my fingers again and the swelling in my hand has gone down. Now the elbow feels severely black and blue and it is swollen still. But the fact that I can bend it and move it around it is progress enough.
I love my life!!

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