Thursday, September 15, 2011

Greetings from Uganda!!! Just wanted to say hello to everyone since it's been some time. Our internet stick is no longer working and so we are back to internet cafes. I have nothing prepared to write here today and only a short time left so this will be nothing special. Things have been going really well here. We've been super busy this week. Last weekend we were at FDLM in Jinja. (Have I told you lately how awesome those kids are!!) Every minute there was amazing and I was not ready to leave. We traveled home on Monday and spent the evening at home relaxing. On Tuesday I spent the day in Kisenyi with friends and all the cute kids. Of course I got some of the world's best orange juice and the best matoke, rice and gnut sauce in town. Delicious! Yesterday I spent the day at Bula.. The primary kids were able to go to school yesterday (1.5 weeks late-they are able to begin school without paying their fees). The secondary kids are still waiting for their school fees. Pray that the school fees will come in soon. They have been really down and out and can not wait to get back to school. I will definitely miss them when they are gone. There were a lot of good, deep chats yesterday as it was just them and I at the home for most of the afternoon. When the primary kids got home from school we began making chapati and rolex for dinner. This process took till about 11:30pm. It was a late dinner and an even later boda ride home. 

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