Sunday, June 26, 2011

Being white in an African country

So last Monday evening Julia, Amy, Nicola, and I headed out to the National Theater for music night. It was a great evening of seeing numerous friends of mine perform and catching up with everyone. Our schedule is so "busy" that it is hard to meet up with everyone so it was great to see lots of people at once. During the show this guy sat right behind me. Yes, we were seated in a LARGE grassy area and YES he chose to sit RIGHT behind me. After several minutes he tapped on my shoulder. (In my head I thought here we go again...) Then he nicely asked me my name, where we were staying, and what we were doing in Uganda. (I say we cause Julia was turned around listening at this point.) He asked how long I planned to be in Uganda doing this work. Then I turned around to listen to some more music. Several minutes later I got another tap on my shoulder. "Do you have any friends here in Uganda." Yes, i said. (All my friends were in hiding at this point, not yet arrived, on jamming on stage." The guy continues, "Do you need any more friends? I would like to be your friend. At this point JUlia turns around fast, no longer interested in snooping in the conversation. I stutter and then pause and then say nope I dont think that I do. Haha!!
The other day the four of us walked to the Nakulabye (spelling) market with several of the children. We wanted to buy some fruit to go along with dinner that evening. The whole way there (yes we took multiple Ugandan  'shortcuts') the kids told us that they knew how much everything could cost. But for some reason upon entering the market each and every one of them somehow forgot. They all went around asking the price of pineapples. I think the best price that we got was like 1500ugx or 2000ugx. I knew we were getting ripped off. So I said "we go!" As we left the one standholder apparently said that we should never come back and that we look like poop. (this was translated too. so it could have been some other words.) Cute!! Walking back home we found a lady who would sell them to us for 1000 ugx. We bought 3 from her and have already been back once for more. YUM!

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