Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Children at BULA

It is time that I actually tell you about the 13 children that I have already come to love! Some visitors were here the other day so the kids sung and dance for them before they left. I almost had tears in my eyes thinking of how it would be on my last days. I have for some reason been given the words "please beat me" on my back. As many of the boys have thought it would be fun to constantly beat me. Seven year old Lillian is just too cute for words. Though it is hard to communicate with her, it's great to see that bright smile of hers. I have come to call her my mukwano (friend) and she lights up. Douglas (maybe 12ish) has stolen a piece of my heart. He loves to laugh and joke around (sound like anyone else you may know?!) Aaron sat down with me the other day and told me his story. His father passed away when he was seven and his mother left him, his twin brother and a younger sister at that time. His uncle brought him here. His twin and sister live alone in a hut somewhere near Jinja with an aunt that cares for them occasionally. Aaron wrote a paper for school about increasing milk production in Uganda and also increasing dairy intake among children. His paper is one of the select few from his school that will be sent for judging. There is also Kenneth. He is the headboy at the school and just a joy to have at the home. The past few days he was upset and then he was sick, so we hope he overcomes this soon.
We enjoy playing football after school (when the boys let us). Homework time is a time that I have come to enjoy. But it can also get very frustrating as the younger ones finish first and want to laugh and play, but the older ones still want silence and get upset.
Another challenge has been living in a non christian home. The values and morals that are taught here (or not taught) is just so upsetting. The children watch mtv, dirty music videos, and the other day they watched Zombieland.  I mean there is a 7 year old!!! Violence seems to be the ultimate problem solver here. Though it is often play...
We have been teaching the older guys how to treat a woman. One of them always tells us that we are beautiful, another made us all tea the other afternoon, and they are learning that "please" and "thank you" go a long way. I can not wait to experience the next several months with these kids! I think there are lots of good times to be had.

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