Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just wanted to let everyone know that yes I am still alive and having a grand time. Thanks to everyone who asks. I truly feel loved when I sign on and have new messages and emails. Today I am home sick from school. I have been battling a cold here and yesterday I thought I was over the hump for sure as my sore throat and earache both disappeared. Of course when we were in town I did not look for cold medications. Last night I could not sleep. I just felt so rested and ready to go. This morning I awoke with the cold now moved into my chest. (and yes Kelly McGaw as I laid in bed awake coughing I kept trying to think of who it was who was worried about keeping people awake with their cough and finally I remembered. haha!) Nicola, one of the other volunteers here convinced me to stay home and rest and left me with every drug and vitamin known to man. It has really been great to have Nicola and Amy around to hang out with and pass thoughts and ideas off of. We were just speaking of how they only have like 2.5 weeks left here which is sooo sad.

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