Monday, July 25, 2011

and the journey continues

Life here has been pretty exciting. There have been some intense times at the home that are very aggrevating...Did I mention VERY!?! But otherwise things are good. I am really enjoying my days at the school. The children are such a joy and what an honor to have the class stand everytime I walk in and say"good morning teacher Jolene." I love when they come up and tell me about their weekends and ask for my help with their work. The other day Julia and I were walking by the school and some of my students who are boarding kids were out in the field and they yelled "Hi Teacher". We went in for a visit. Dang! Those kids are creative. With their bodies intertwined with one another they were making planes, bikes, and so much more. I was impressed!! Well I dont have much time as the children at home should be returning and I shall be going to meet them. I just wanted to update all of you out there of what has been going on here. The internet at the home is currently not working, so my internet times are scarce.

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