Sunday, July 3, 2011

A weekend away

Happy 4th of July!! This holiday weekend I got to spend with some extra special people in my life. It was such a blessing to be able to hang out with my friends at FDLM. FDLM is the children's home that I have visited the past 2 years. Paddy, one of the beneficiaries who is attending Uni in Kampala escorted us home. I was the lucky one to get the back seat with the tire under my feet for the 2 hour journey. Luckily when I exited the matatu I was able to feel my legs enough to walk to the home because as Paddy said, "we are going to use our Foot-subishi." It was a longer walk then I remembered, but maybe just because I was so excited. There was lots of time to talk to everyone and catch up with everyone. It was a blessing to be able to chat with Pastor David who always has some great advice and says what I need to hear. It's also great to joke around with him. And by the way David if you are reading this, last year Kelly and I had itchy thumbs at FDLM and this year I have the same thing again. I think it's you!! haha!
Otherwise I am starting to feel better. Just a scratchy throat with an annoying cough. I don't think the dust helps. And yesterday on our way home from Jinja we took a shortcut through Egypt. I really dont think there was any way that we were still in Uganda. There was lots of traffic going into Kampala so our taxi driver took us off the paved road through forests that I dont think Uganda even knows that they existed. I could not feel my butt, but I knew that I had to pee. Not a good combination. But as Paddy reminded us, "This is Uganda!" haha!! I love it!!!

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